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National Pet Preparedness Month

By May 25, 2023No Comments

Did you know that June is National Pet Preparedness Month?

While you and your furry friend are busy enjoying summer days at the lake, camping, traveling for vacation, or just playing at the local park, it can be easy to forget that, while summer weather is beautiful and relaxing, it can also be a time for natural disasters such as heavy rain and flooding, tornados, hurricanes, and wildfires. June is National Pet Preparedness Month so we are here with tips and tricks to help keep your pet safe and assist you in creating an emergency plan for you and your pets.

*Identification: This is the most important part of your emergency plan! Take photos of you and your pet, make sure your pet is microchipped (and that the registration is up to date), include a list of each pet’s medications, likes/dislikes, and an emergency contact name and number in case you are not able to be reached. Keep this information in your emergency kit!

Evacuation Plan: If your area is prone to bad weather, create a meet up point that is safe for you and your pets. Unfortunately, a lot of public shelters may not be pet friendly so check local hotels in your area to see if they are pet friendly. Never leave your pet’s behind!

Create a Kit!: A pre-made kit can be vital in times of duress, keep your typical items such as flashlight, batteries, bottled water, medications for you and your pets, leashes, collars, pet food, copies of veterinary records, etc. This can be vital!

The CDC offers a checklist for both dogs and cats that can be very helpful in the event of an emergency.