Laboratory Services

In-Clinic Labs

We have a full in-hospital laboratory capable of running a multitude of tests for our small animal and equine patients, from complete blood counts (CBC), comprehensive chemistry profiles, and specialty tests like fructosemine and thyroid screening.

Snap Testing

We offer Idexx snap testing for superior sensitivity, reliability, and accurate results. There are various SNAP tests for different purposes.

We currently offer:

  • SNAP Heartworm – screens for heartworm infection.
  • SNAP FELV/FIV – screens for Feline Aids and Leukemia,
  • SNAP Parvo – screens for canine Parvo virus
  • SNAP CpL – Screens for specific pancreatic enzymes.


We have partnered with Idexx Laboratories: A state-of-the-art lab that is a leader in animal health.

We may choose to send out your pet’s lab work to Idexx laboratories for more advanced tests that we are not able to run in-house, or for wellness tests that we offer at a discounted rate.

Blood samples are picked up daily and provide us with results as soon as possible.

Pathology Services

In some cases, the doctors at York Veterinary Services may want to send a blood, tissue, or fluid sample to the Idexx Lab.

​This give us the opportunity to collaborate between a large team of expert pathologists to provide the highest quality results and diagnosis.