Pocket Pet / Exotic Services

To accomplish the goal of keeping your pocket pet healthy and happy, we offer a full line of health care and medical treatment including vaccinations, diet & nutritional consultation, diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, and surgeries.

Pocket Pets and Exotics we provide veterinary care for include:​

  • Hamsters
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Gerbils
  • Chinchillas
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Hedgehogs
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Primates
  • Reptiles
  • Birds

These pets are all masters of disguise and will often hide even severe problems. We’ll make sure your pocket pet is in good condition and show you how you can best detect early signs of problems. Routine exams help us discover potential problems and provide a time for you to discuss your concerns and/or changes in your pocket pet’s behavior.