Sedation Authorization

Has your pet eaten this morning?(Required)
Is your pet current on his / her Rabies vaccination? If not current, we must update the vaccination at a cost of $9.(Required)
We recommend a blood panel be run prior to surgery to help detect any internal problems that may pose a potential risk while your pet is under anesthesia. The cost of the recommended blood panel is $133.89.(Required)
We recommend a laser treatment following surgery in order to expedite the healing process, help decrease pain, and shorten down time.(Required)
Would you like your pet microchip while under anesthesia? It is a one-time cost of $42.66 for implantation and registration.(Required)
We recommend an e-collar be worn for up to 2 weeks post-surgery to prevent licking at the incision, which can cause it to open or become infected. Would you like an e-collar sent home today? If you select NO, you accept full responsibility for any self-trauma.(Required)
We recommend post-operative pain mediciation for a period of at least a few days to help with patient comfort. The ability to decline pain medication is no longer an option and the price is incorporated in the price of the procedure.